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Friday, 18 January 2013


It's a snowing!!! There is an abundance of white, wet, cold stuff falling from the sky!! Love it!!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

101 days

The first step you took out our door
It suddenly felt so cold, so raw.
I watched you go, I wished you well
Even though letting you go was hell.
I wait for your calls, a letter
Though seeing you myself would be much better.
I want to see you again, safe and sound
Because this loneliness has me be bound.
It seems a lifetime away,
Since I saw you last May,
And till I see you again, 101 days away.

Old Cars and

So on New Years day, (Happy new year everyone btw!!) I, for some crazy reason, decided to go with my dad to this car and bike show thing. I think what it was, was that seeing as the rain hasn't stopped for months now and I haven't been able to take any photos with my new amazing camera, I saw it as an opportunity to ease it in. I took some okay photos, but after an hour I was freezing and most of them had left anyway. Some of the big american trucks were pretty cool and the old army vehicles, but an hour had been enough. It took me the rest of the day to warm up. Anyway I thought I would share some of my photos with you :D Hope your all good :D